Trina Solar panels

Focusing on efficiency

Our Trina Solar modules

Trina Solar HoneyM DE08M.08(II) 360-385W

Multi busbar technology combined with half-cut mono PERC cells for up to 385 W front power and 21.0 % module efficiency.

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Trina Solar VertexS DE09.08 390-405W

Up to 405 W, 21.1 % module efficiency with high density interconnect technology, multi-busbar technology.

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Trina Solar TallmaxM DE17M(II) 440-465 W

Up to 465W front power and 21.3% module eciency with half-cut and MBB (Multi Busbar) technology bringing more BOS savings.

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Trina Solar Vertex DE18M.08(II) 485-510W

High power & efficiency. Maximum energy harvesting from roofs, 60W higher than the previous generation.

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Product details

As a leading global provider of PV modules and smart energy solutions, Trina Solar PV delivers products, applications and services to promote sustainable global development.

Power/Panel 360-510 W
Product warranty 12-15 year
Performance warranty 25 year (84,8%)
Place of manufacturing China
Crystal structure Monocrystal
Technology PERC