Schletter Mounting systems

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Schletter mounting system solutions

The mounting system is the basis of the solar panel system. For the sake of durability (30-40 years), it is important that the solar panels are installed by professionals on a high-quality aluminum structure. The Schletter products are made in Germany.

SCHLETTER pitched roof mounting systems

Many types of product families, that can be used for almost all tile coverings in use, with that you can safely and easily fix the solar panels. Simple and quick to install. The manufacturer offers a full 25-year guarantee for all Schletter fixing technology products.

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Schletter system for ground installation

The system contains separate modules, which can be used to easily add solar panels from all manufacturers. A total of 26 modules can be fitted to one rack in two rows below each other, but you have the possibility for designing according to the system and placement options.

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Schletter system for flat roofs

The Schletter FixGrid 18 and FixGrid 18+ (for larger panels) flat roof mounting system, that can be used for almost all flat roofs. It can be installed quickly and easily without dismantling the roof structure with a ballast arm optimized for wind flow. Up to 13° retractable structure.

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Schletter lifting system for flat roofs

Fast, simple and at the same time safe installation is guaranteed. The triangle required for installation is completely pre-assembled: they are already assembled at the factory. They just need to be screwed together on site.

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