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Latest news, Solar panel Közzétéve: 2023.10.24.

In recent years, with the decreasing production cost of mono crystalline solar panels, there has been a significant expansion of the technology in contrast to poly crystalline technology. Mono technology is currently the most widespread in the world, and it is not expected to change in the near future.

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Perc technology

A LONGi Solar mono PERC technology solar panel is more efficient, energy-dense, and productive than similar mono technology solar panels. It performs better under low light intensity and high environmental temperatures. It has a slower performance degradation, thus, LONGi offers a more favorable performance guarantee than what is commonly seen in the industry.

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High energy yield

  • Nap Ikon Exceptionally low irradiance performance
  • Nap Ikon Low performance-temperature coefficient
  • Nap Ikon
LONGi Napelem panelek

According to Longi’s findings, instrument measurements support the idea that there is an increased probability of deformation with larger cell sizes (1.2 meters in width or larger). This also increases the risk of physical damage to the solar panel or the formation of microcracks. Therefore, continuously increasing the size of solar panels for the purpose of achieving higher power output is not cost-effective.

The Longi Half-Cell Technology

A half-cell structure means that the solar cell is cut into two separate parts using an infrared laser, thereby reducing the operating current by half. This significantly reduces heat loss and increases the module’s performance by 2%. The reliability of the module also improves.

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The HPBC (Hybrid Passived Back Contact) represents a new generation of high-efficiency solar panel technology with a unique front busbar-free design.

The HPBC cell technology can significantly enhance the cell’s light absorption and photoelectric conversion capabilities by modifying the cell’s internal structure, thereby effectively increasing the output performance of the module.

Modules equipped with HPBC cell technology are capable of generating a higher amount of energy even under high-temperature and low irradiation conditions, while also demonstrating excellent module degradation values.

In global energy production simulations, Hi-MO 6 modules have shown significant energy production advantages over PERC products, with an average energy output up to 10% higher under the same conditions.

Longi Solar

The Hi-MO 6 series includes four models – Explorer, Scientist, Guardian, and Artist – each manufactured in the standard M10 size (182 mm) and available in 72C, 66C, 60C, and 54C variants.

The solar panel’s aesthetic design embodies the minimalist style of modern industrial design and naturally adapts to a wide range of application scenarios.

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