Renewable revival: stocked up for spring energy solutions!

Latest news Közzétéve: 2024.02.21.

We cut our prices!

During the Wagner Solar Spring Fair, from the 15th of April for one week you can purchase high-quality solar panel products at favourable prices!

Nevertheless, all our partners have the opportunity to participate in this prestigious fair, making registration worthwhile. By pre-registering, you gain access to pre-sales, allowing you to purchase items before anyone else, thus ensuring you benefit from the best prices.

Beside solar panels, you can also get other solar system components such as inverters or other products necessary for installation at a discount!

We don’t ask for your registration simply to get your contact (we got is 🙂 but to provide you among first best prices available.   



Don’t miss out!

Register now and gain immediate access to significant discounts!

During the fair, products from several popular manufacturers will be available: equip your warehouse with SolarEdge, SolaX, Hyundai, or even Huawei products at incredibly discounted prices!

Why is it worth joining to our promotion?

  • Exclusive Access: This exclusive event is reserved for our pre-registered business partners. Don’t miss out on this chance to secure top-tier solar solutions for your projects!
  • Significant Discounts: Register now to unlock immediate access to significant discounts on a wide range of solar products. Simply click on the registration link below to secure your spot.
  • Premium Brands: Discover products from leading manufacturers such as SolarEdge, SolaX, Hyundai, and Huawei, all available at discounted prices during the fair. Whether you need solar panels, inverters, batteries, mounting structures, or installation accessories, we’ve got you covered

Wagner Solar your authentic solar partner

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For Wagner Solar Hungária Ltd., this is another milestone. Thanks to our high-level professional and quality work in 2022, our company was awarded the Business Superbrands. These aspects are essential in our work to represent true value for us, our clients, and partners.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Expert Committee of Superbrands and our clients and partners who have honoured our company with their trust. In the field of renewable energy sources, we hope that our professional operation and quality services will continue to satisfy our existing and future customers and partners.

Wagner Solar

Since its foundation, Wagner Solar Hungária Ltd. has been a 100% Hungarian-owned company and holds a prominent position in the Hungarian market.

We distribute renewable energy utilization equipment in an integrated system, ensuring perfectly coordinated and reliable operation, maximum efficiency, favorable prices, and easily enforceable warranties.

Environmental awareness characterizes not only our business area but also our mission.

We support only those products that we have tested, used ourselves, and believe will contribute to the satisfaction of our customers.

Wagner Solar Tulajdonosok

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