Solaredge three-phase inverters

Easy and quick installation

Benefits of a Solaredge three-phase inverter:

  • high (98% or higher) efficiency
  • Support Szervizeasy and quick installation
  • Garancia Védelem12 years base warranty that is extendable for a fee
  • Internet connection with Ethernet or Wifi
  • for in- and outdoor application (IP 65)


It is capable of equilibrating module shading, warming, dust and performance differences this way it maximizes performance. The shading of a tree or a post on the modules is not a problem anymore. The system works perfectly even with these conditions.


Besides performance maximization the advantage of Solaredge inverters is that it needs less inverters and solar cables during installation as instead of a typical 14-25 number of modules it is possible to connect 45-60 modules to one string.

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