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We are pleased to inform you that a new feature, the Fronius Arc Guard, is being added to our inverters. Fronius Arc Guard technology is based on many years of experience with arcs from the business unit Perfect Welding and interrupts DC arcs before they become dangerous. This results in maximum safety. It is a self-learning algorithm that is integrated in the inverter and can be easily activated via the inverter’s user interface.  

10 kW-nál alacsonyabb teljesítményosztályú inverterek garanciája

Compatible inverters:

  • New Fronius Symo Advanced (10 – 20 kW) – May 2023
  • Tauro Eco 50/99/100* (20A fuse option)  – January 2023
  • Tauro 50* (20A fuse option) – t.b.d
  • Tauro Precombined Version* – t.b.d
  • Tauro family (30A fuse option)* – t.b.d

*Additional hardware is required for Tauro and Tauro Eco inverters. Tauro with Arc Guard function can be ordered ex works as an option for the projects only. The wholesaler edition is not equipped with Arc Guard feature. 

The existing Symo 10.0-20.0 cannot be retrofitted with arc detection (Arc Guard). Starting from May 2023 it will be replaced by the Symo Advanced 10.0-20.0. The “standard” Symo 10.0-20.0 will be no longer available. 

The Fronius Arc Guard will also comply with the emerging standard for DC arc detection and interruption in photovoltaic power systems (IEC 63027).  

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